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A girl travels to a magical woodland to save it, but at what cost?

3rd year final film. Animated in TV Paint



Style frame 1 v2.jpg
Shot 19 background.jpg
Shot 6 background V2.jpg
Shot 15 full.jpg
Shot 13 bg Full.jpg
Shot 29 BG Full.jpg
gate Book page no girl.jpg

Character Design

Character Designs Testing.jpg
Colour testing background.jpg
LibbyS Colour testing v3.jpg

Concept Designs

Fairy Houses doodles 1.jpg
Fairy Houses doodles 2.jpg
Painting 1 only square.jpg
Painting 2 only crop square.jpg
PArk drawings 2.jpg
Park drawings 1.jpg
Charatcer doodles 1.jpg
Character doodles 2.jpg
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